Fixing missing/broken links in Ghost

Fix your website's missing/broken links through redirection in Ghost.

Broken or missing links happen when a website's content is moved or deleted. Visitors who encounter these links will likely be presented with a 404 page not found error. In Ghost, you can easly fix these missing/broken links through redirection:

  1. Under the Ghost admin section, go to Settings | Labs
  2. Click Download current redirects to download the current redirects file
  3. Edit the file and add any redirects under the 301 section like the example below:
  /old/broken/: /new/working/
  1. Save the file
  2. Go back to Settings | Labs, click Upload redirects YAML/JSON, and upload the file you just edited

That's it! From now on, the old, broken links you listed will seamlessly be redirected to your new, working links.