Homepage for Tesla

A self hosted, personal homepage for use inside your Tesla - organize your favorite bookmarks and launch them in fullscreen (automatically dimming your Tesla's interior and exterior lights).


Only Tesla native apps (ex. Netflix) open in fullscreen and dim your car's interior and exterior lighting (perfectly setting the mood for media viewing). So what if you wanted to do the same for other sites?

Currently there are several great non-self hosted solutions (ex. testube.app, abettertheater.com, fullscreentesla.com) that can trick the Tesla into opening fullscreen and dim the lights. But I wanted a self hosted solution to give to give me the same functionality but with the privacy, control, and flexibility only a self hosted solution can provide. That's why I createdHomepage.

Homepage - Default Theme


  • Fullscreen! Launch any bookmark in fullscreen (automatically dimming your Tesla's interior and exterior lights).
  • Personal! All your favorite bookmarks in one place.
  • Private! Keep the bookmarks you visit private.
  • Organized! Organize your bookmarks into categories.
  • Themeable! Pick from a preconfigured theme or configure your own.
  • bookmarks can be horizontally scrolled per category
  • Current date/time displayed


Find out more at the Github repo and feel free to donate if you find this project useful.