Organizing Ghost Posts in Tag Subdirectories

Organize your Ghost posts in subdirectories of their primary tags (ex.

Ghost is a great free and open source blogging platform. By default, Ghost serves all posts under the root domain (ex. Like storing all your computer files in a single folder, this can lead to all sorts of problems.  Good news is that you can easily configure Ghost to serve posts under their primary tags (ex.

  1. Under the Ghost admin section, go to Settings | Labs
  2. Click Download current routes.yaml to download the current routes file
  3. Edit the file and change the collections section to the exact contents below:
    permalink: /{primary_tag}/{slug}/
    template: index
  1. Save the file
  2. Go back to Settings | Labs, click Upload routes YAML, and upload the file you just edited
For this to work, ensure all your posts are tagged with at least one tag (the first tag given to a post is its primary tag).

That's it! From now on, every post will be served under their primary tag.